Mesin Tekuk Plat Hidrolik CNC Merk YSD 320 Ton/4 Meter

“ YSD” CNC Hydraulic Press Brake type: HPS 320/40

1.      Technical specifications:


Pressing force
Bending length
Dist. Between uprights
Stroke or ram
Dist. Between table / ram
Depth of throat
Table Width
Approaching speed
Working speed
Return speed
Motor power
Volume oil of tank
Travel in X Axis
Length of machine
Width of machine
Height of machine
Weight of Machine

2.   Accuracy of the machine
Y1-Y2 axis:
Linear encoder for electronic ram depth—setting, equilibration, calibration
Y1, Y2-axis are the independent motion parameters of two cylinders controlled by CNC control system. Both ends of machine with a high-precision (resolution 0.005mm) linear guide from Germany, which used to determine the exact distance of the ram and the table, linear guide is connected with the table, eliminating the deformation of the slider position column impact. Ram running speed and location data through the two optical grating timely feedback to the CNC system, CNC system to calculate and output the servo valve control signal S1 ~ S2, control of two electro-hydraulic servo valve output flow, so that the two cylinder simultaneous .
Repetition accuracy       +/- 0.01 mm
Accuracy of positioning    +/- 0.02 mm

V axis: automatic bed crowning by CNC Controller.
Deflection of the bed and ram under bending load is an unavoidable fact of life with any brake, which tends to cause bed angles to be inconsistent from center to ends of part. The problem is further compounded by the fact that bending loads are constantly changing for job to job and even within the same part, due to variations in material strength, thickness, and bend angle, bend length and other factors. YSD’s adjustable bed crowning system will automatically calculate and adjust the amount of crown on the bed to the proper position from bend to bend if so needed.
The crowning table composes of many crowning wedges, they could move relatively, and one group of ideal curve could be achieved on the crowning table. Thus linearity of bending product could be guaranteed.
CNC crowning ensures the ram and table are parallel during the bending operation. Sheet thickness, length, die opening and tensile strength data are entered into the control. Force and related deflection of the table and ram are automatically determined, preloading is optimally obtained for each bend. With YSD HPS press brakes, you obtain an optimal bending process and excellent bending results form the first piece.

-           reading accuracy: 0.01 mm
-           positioning accuracy:+/- 0.01 mm

3.   Machine structure
3.1  For the best rigidity and performance of the main machine body, the frame and Component is designed and Finite Element Analyzed under ANSYS/UG software.
3.2  Full steel connected structure, stress released through vibration by adopting Germany technology, with rigidity and accuracy well kept. Warranty for the main frame of the machine is full working life.
3.3  The welding frame for big YSD machine have crack detection through ultrasonic.
The structure parts on machine with rust removed through sand beating. Also spray With rust-proof paint.
3.4  For the one-time machining of uprights, up ram and working table, SKODA and 5-Axis TOSHIBA CNC boring & milling machine is adopted. Thus the parallelism and Uprightness between all mounting surfaces could be guaranteed.

4.   Hydraulic system
4.1  Modularized hydraulic system is adopted, and the pipeline and connections are reduced to the minimum level to ensure minimum maintenance.
4.2  Hydraulic Valve block including proportional servo valve and pressure valve is adopted from Germany.
4.3  High-pressure internal gear pump from Voith, Germany or NACHI, Japan with reliability and low noise.
4.4  Quality oil seals from MERKEL, Germany are adopted. With secure sealing and long life.
4.5  YSD quality cylinders ensure high reliability and safety.
Hydraulic cylinder and Piston is with hot forging, and with one-time machining on CNC lathe. CNC cylindrical grinding for roundness and super fine machining on horning machine for smoothness is adopted on the cylinder. CNC cylindrical grinding for roundness and vibration super-fine machining on the outer surface for smoothness is adopted on the piston rod. Hard chroming is adopted on the surface of the piston.
4.6  Relief valve is adopted to protect the oil pump and hydraulic system when over-loading.
4.8     With oil leveler to indicate the level of oil tank.
4.8  With precise guiding system, position measuring system and the function of hydraulic equilibrium, bending over whole length with good accuracy could be achieved.
4.9  The machine can run continuously under rated load, without oil leakage in hydraulic system. With reliability and accuracy.

5.   Electrical system
5.1  Electrical design according to international standard and meet customer’s requirement.
                    With reliability, anti-jamming and long life.
5.2  Main electrical components adopt product from TELEMECHANIQUE France.
5.3  Cooling fan is adopted. With heat releasing function for electrical cabinet.
5.4  Remote foot pedal, with emergency stop function.

6.   Tooling
Standard-version – YSD classic:
Clamping board and bolts for tooling.
One set of standard punch R15
One set of standard multi V die block M13A
(with V opening 12 mm, 16 mm, 32 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm)
All YSD tooling is full grinded and with hardening. Tooling material 42CrMo. Hardness

7.   Standard equipments
DA56 CNC Controller : from DELEM, Holland to control 4 axis ( Y1+ Y2 + X + Z axis)
Y1-Y2 axis                     : Linear encoder for electronic ram depth—setting, equilibration, calibration
X axis                             : Linear encoder for electronic backgauge
V axis                             : Automatic CNC Adjustment crowning table (Optional)
Cooling fans for electrical cabinet.
Foot operation station with emergency stop.
Emergency stop on electrical cabinet.
Fixed ladder.
Operation and maintenance manual.
Power supply                : 380V/50Hz /3 phases
Display safety voltage  : 24V, DC

8.   Key components:
Description of parts               :  Brand Origin
CNC contro                           :  DELEM, Holland
Servo valves                          :  REXROTH/BOSCH, Germany
Pressure valves                      :  REXROTH/BOSCH, Germany
Pump                                     :  VOITH/NACHI, Germany/Japan
Oil seals                                :  MERKEL, Germany
Linear encoder                      :  HEIDENHAIN, Germany
Main electrical components  :  TELEMECANIQUE, France
Guiding belt                          :  MERKEL (or B+S), Germany (or USA)
Ball screw                             :  HIWIN, Taiwan province, China

9.   DA52 CNC Control from DELEM (Will be change with DA56)

The DA-52 is an integrated CNC controller which offers all basic CNC control functions up to 4 axes for electro-hydraulic CNC press brake. The TFT-LCD display and the modern front panel layout guarantee a very user-friendly and easy to program controller.
Panel based housing makes it available to mount it directly onto electric cabinet or inside a pendent cabinet. Special shortcut keys are designed for direct, rapid and easy programming.
Angle programming of Y axis and force control are offered as standard configuration.
DA-52 offers a stable and reliable solution by taking advantage of the most up-to-date technology. USB interface is equipped to facilitate quick backup of product and tool data.

Main Technical Specifications:
Parameter programming in one page
6.4" LCD, true-color, TFT display
Crowning control is for option.
Tool library: 30 top punch and 30 bottom die.
USB interface
Advanced Y axis control algorithm for controlling closed-loop valve
Servo, frequency inverter or AC motor control
Panel based housing
266MHz processor
Memory capacity 64MB
DNC RS-232C, bi-directional and USB interface (Memory storage via USB)
Diagnostic program.
Program number 7 digits.
Drawing number 20 digits alpha numeric.
Product counter max. 9999
Step repeat 99 max.
Error messaging system
Computation on tooling safety zone, press force, bend allowance, bottoming force, angle correction database.

Jika anda tertarik membeli atau berencana investasi atau sekedar diskusi tentang mesin, terutama dalam hal pengerjaan plat logam (sheet metal fabrication), seperti mesin bending (press brake), potong plat (guillotine shearing), potong sudut (notching), roll plat (roll bending machine), pon (punching), press (stamping), plasma cutting (potong plasma) dll. anda bisa menghubungi saya di nomor HP 081345026234 / 085822116234 atau email, saya dengan senang hati berbagi pengetahuan tentang hal tersebut, terima kasih.

Mesin Potong Gunting Plat Hidrolik merk YSD

” YSD” Hydraulic Guillotine Shear type: HGN 31/13

1.      Technical Specification :
                                                     HGN 31/13
Mild steel (45 / kg / mm²)        :        13 mm
Cutting length                         :    3100 mm
Max. cutting force                   :      580 KN
Back gauge travel                    :    1000 mm
Rake angle adjustment            : 0.5-2.5 degree
Strokes per minute                  :     7-35
Number of hold-downs           :        13
Frame throat                            :      100 mm
Motor power: (380v,50Hz)     :        15 kw
Volume of oil tank                  :      449 L
Weight                                     :    8700 kgs
Length of machine                  :    3860 mm
Width of machine                   :    1960 mm
Height of machine                   :    2320 mm

2.   Standard Equipments on the Main machine:

2.1    Frame structure
Full welded steel structure, stress released, with rigidity and reliability well kept.
Main component is designed and Finite Element Analyzed through ANSYS/UG software.
Main frame composes of uprights, working table, holding-down beam and oil tank.
2.2    Upper blade beam and
Guillotine type blade beam, with rake angle adjustable.
The rake angle adjusted through press button according to material and thickness.
When shearing thin thickness sheet, the rake angle could be reduced, thus the distortion of the product and the burr could be minimized. 
2.3    Blades
Exchangeable Rectangle blade, with 4 cutting edges available on each blade. 
Blade material 6CrW2Si with hardness HRC56-60, with quality shearing result and long life.
YSD quality blade is suitable for cutting both mild steel and stainless steel.
2.4    Shearing length/stroke adjustment
The shearing stroke could be adjusted through knob according to the length of the product. Thus efficiency and productivity could be improved when cutting shorter length product.
2.5    Cutting beam guiding and blade clearance
The cutting beam is guided between roller guides. At the rear of the cutting beam there are two sets of upper and lower roller guides located at each end of the beam.
Two spring-loaded rollers located at the front of the shear apply pressure to the cutting beam, forcing it against the back roller guides.
The bearings of the upper roller guides at the back of the cutting beam are mounted on an eccentric shaft. Rotating this shaft causes the cutting beam to tilt, thus providing proper blade clearance to the shearing blades.
The upper cutting beam inclined forward, with high section-cutting quality on the product.
The blades clearance could be adjusted manually by hand-wheel according to material and thickness.
2.6    Shadow line lighting
It is clear with shadow line lighting for a close and accurate view of the cutting line.
2.7    Hydraulic system
Compact hydraulic system for is adopted. Integrated mono-block valve group and worldwide famous valves and seals are adopted for reliability, and the pipeline and connections are reduced to the minimum level to ensure minimum maintenance.
With in-series cylinders to achieve good synchronization movement of the top blade beam.
The sheet is pressed by hold-down cylinders before shearing for safety and reliability during shearing.
Over-load protection for the safety of hydraulic system by adopting relief valve.
Hydraulic valve is from REXROTH, Germany or VICKERS, USA
Oil seals from NOK, Japan or MERKEL, Germany. With minimum wear and tear, no oil leakage.
High-pressure internal gear pump from VOITH, Germany or NACHI, Japan, with reliability, efficiency and low noise.
2.8    Hydraulic cylinder and piston
The following process guarantee the quality of the main cylinder: Hammer hot forging---Rough shaping---precision machining by CNC lathe---CNC cylindrical grinding for roundness---Super fine machining on horning machine for smoothness.
2.9    Electrical system
Electrical design according to YSD standard and meet customer’s requirement.
With air-fan inside electrical cabinet.
Main electrical components (contactor and switch) adopt product from TELEMECHANIQUE, France.
2.10 Back gauge
Motorized controlled back gauge with electrical display.
2.11 Working table
Transporter ball and supporting bar mounted on working table.
One squaring arm with scale and disappearing stop, length 1500 mm.

3.      Safety device:
Fence guard for preventing finger being cut. With safety switch.
One set of movable remote foot switch with emergency stop switch.

4.      Requirement on working condition:
Working temperature             :    -10 to 45
Power supply                         :    380V±5%, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Control voltage                      :    24V, DC

5.      Key parts:
Pump                                      :    NACHI, Japan or VOITH, Germany
Hydraulic valve                      :    REXROTH, Germany or VICKERS, USA
Hydraulic seals                       :    NOK, Japan or MERKEL, Germany
Main electrical parts               :    TELEMECHANIQUE, France

6.      Standard accessories:
Nitrogen filling tool.
Foundation bolt
Adjustment wedge
Butter filling gun.

7.   Shearing Accuracy of cutting piece :
Parallelism                        :     ≤0.2mm/1000mm
Linearity                           :     ≤ 0.4mm/1000mm

Jika anda tertarik membeli atau berencana investasi atau sekedar diskusi tentang mesin, terutama dalam hal pengerjaan plat logam (sheet metal fabrication), seperti mesin bending (press brake), potong plat (guillotine shearing), potong sudut (notching), roll plat (roll bending machine), pon (punching), press (stamping), plasma cutting (potong plasma) dll. anda bisa menghubungi saya di nomor HP 081345026234 / 085822116234 atau email, saya dengan senang hati berbagi pengetahuan tentang hal tersebut, terima kasih.