Mesin Laser Cutting Marking Potong Plat YAG Laser

“DNE” Laser Cutting Machine Type : DN1530-YAG 750W

Working Principle :

Cutting is achieved by powerful laser focused on object to cause instant melting and evaporation,with xenon lamp as the generator .Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system.This machine has condensed the technologies of laser ,digital, and precise mechanics.                   
Advantages :
* Higher cutting speed and low cost, operation safe and stable function. 
* Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion.
* Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting.
* Dedicated software enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed. Flexible and easy operation.
* Laser beams can be diversified to achieve multi-spots or multi-beams focused on welding. 

Applicatioin fields :
Cutting on metal or non-metal plates or tubes,
special for
Stainless Steel Plate,
Iron plate,
Silicon chip,and
Diamond cutting.

Widely used in industries of metal ,metal,steel structuring, precise mechanics, vehicle parts, glasses, jewelries, decorations, posters, nameplates, art crafts, electronics,toys, and packaging.etc.

Technology :

Laser working media     : ND:YAG
Wave length                   : 1064nm
Max.laser power            : 750W
Min.line width               : 0.15mm
Repeat positioning accuracy    : Tolerance 0.02mm
Pluse frequency            : 1-450HZ
Working area(mm)       : 1500 x 3000
Cutting thickness         : <=8mm
Control sytem              : PC
Positioning                   : infrared
Total power consume   : <=20KW
Power supply                : 380V/3 Phase /50HZ

Optional :
~ Pipe Cutting Dia 200mm attachment     : Rp. 70.000.0000,-
~ Spare Laser Xenon Lamp                       : Rp. 2.000.000,- / pce ( 1 set = 2 pcs)
                                                                     (every 500 hours must be changed)

Jika anda tertarik membeli atau berencana investasi atau sekedar diskusi tentang mesin, terutama dalam hal pengerjaan plat logam (sheet metal fabrication), seperti mesin bending (press brake), potong plat (guillotine shearing), potong sudut (notching), roll plat (roll bending machine), pon (punching), press (stamping), plasma cutting (potong plasma) dll. anda bisa menghubungi saya di nomor HP 081345026234 / 085822116234 atau email, saya dengan senang hati berbagi pengetahuan tentang hal tersebut, terima kasih. atau