Mesin Bodem / Dish End Machine




Piston working stroke
500 mm
Uprights distance
4100 mm
Max. Working pressure
250 bar
Nominal force
400 tons
Piston descent speed max.
8 m/min
Piston working speed max.
110 cm/min
Piston fast return speed max.
Total power
77 kw
Max. Length mm
Max. Width mm
Max. Height mm
Weight (appr.) kg
Specifications and machines appearances are subject to change without notice.


·       The machine frame built of high strength materials. All body parts welded and stress relieved prior to machining in order to meet tight manufacturing tolerances for appropriate assembling and maintenance
·       The dies made of special grade of material and heat treated.
·       All groups undercoated of special quality of chemical for high corrosion resistance
·       Safety barriers at top of the press body and stair for maintenance.
·       All cylinder bodies and pistons are hardened and tempered, chrome plated and grounded
·       Low number of greasing points by using self-lubricated components and besides that long lifetime



The machine is equipped with a colored Touch Panel SIEMENS.  Easy to operate main cylinder, manipulators positions, to stop/start at any position, and diagnostic/alarms of all the functions. All controls can be seen on screen and buttons on control pulpit. Electric motors to power hydraulic pumps.


Main groups;
-        Mobile control pulpit
-        Press body
-        Front manipulator
-        Rear manipulator

·       Fully hydraulic machine
·       Die holder unit on the main cylinder x1
·       Speed fast-slow selection of the main cylinder
·       Main cylinder digital position read out
·       Working pressure manometer x1
·       Hydraulic components Parker or equivalent
·       Electrical components Siemens, Telemecanique, Schneider
·       All the controls on control pulpit by only one operator
·       Independent control of the manipulators, synchronized with main cylinder movements x2
·       Motorized rolls in order to rotate the plate x2
·       Counting and presetting of the main cylinder movements and plate rotation
·       Air cooling system for hydraulic oil x2
·       Stair for cylinder maintenance
·       Emergency button
·       Instruction Manual in English, hydraulic and electric projects, foundation drawing and all other tools required to operate the machine


-        12 months or 2500 working hours (which comes first) after the first date of installation completed. 18 months from the shipment date from manufacturer factory. The machine is under warranty of any defective materials, workmanship or standard equipment.
-        Any reparation by any other party without written approval of manufacturer breaks the warranty. Manufacturer is the only one responsible to fix the problem in such cases and this service cost will be charged to customer.
-        If any part change is required under warranty period, it is subjected to same warranty and its warranty starts at the date of mounting.
-        If customer requires a service technician/engineer from the manufacturer during the warranty period, this service price will be quoted and agreed with customer.
-        Any part which slides are subject to wearing so is not covered by warranty
-        The defects caused of purposeful or inaccurate usage of machine is not under warranty. This will be evaluated by the manufacturer during the service time by the responsible technician/engineer.
-        Manufacturer is not responsible for any monetary loss of the customer due to machine breakdown even the reparation is under warranty.
-        If the reparation requires a functional test or trial after the completion, the cost of required plate/piece under responsibility of the customer. If one trial is not sufficient to check, more trials can be required by manufacturer in the same condition.

-        Price includes the delivery, the manufacturer will inform to customer about the date of shipment and delivery. The customer should warn to manufacturer in written for any law, rule, vacations, road construction work or any other issue at the customer country which may affect the delivery date. Otherwise, the manufacturer is not responsible of any delay or penalty.
-        The insurance cost is under responsibility of the customer if required. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage occurred during the transportation.
-        The manufacturer doesn’t accept any penalty if it not specified and agreed on the order confirmation.
-        In case the customer requires functional test at the manufacturer location prior to shipment, the labor, plate, energy or other expenses will be charged to customer. This will be quoted and agreed with the customer prior to test.

Foundation drawing to be sent to customer after the order confirmed.
User manual will be given customer after the installation completed.
The electric and air line connections and wiring, their channels, covers which may require for open foundation zones etc., should be provided by the customer. 

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  • YSD (Press Brake, Guillotine Shearing, Iron Worker, Power Press, Notching, dll.)
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  • WOOJIN (Panel Punching Press, Bush Bar Bender, Bush Bar Cutter, Bush Bar Punch, dll)
  • GOLDEN LASER (YAG Laser, Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser Machine)
  • COSEN (Band Saw, Billet Saw, Vertical Saw)
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Mesin Bandsaw COSEN tipe SH250R

“COSEN” Semi-Automatic Hinge-Type Horizontal Bandsaw Model: SH-250R 

The SH-250R is a large capacity; compact size machine requires less floor space when compared to other machines with the same capacity (10"). Featuring power roller feeding, hydraulic powered saw head,  this economical automatic band saw is an excellent choice for a diverse job shop


250 mm (10”)
230 x 230 mm (9” x 9”)
230 H x 250 W mm (9” x 10”)
50Hz: 19, 31, 48, 78 mpm (62, 101, 157, 256 fpm)
60Hz: 23, 37, 58, 93 mpm (75, 121, 190, 305 fpm)
3350 x 27 x 0.9mm  (132” x 1” x 0.035”)
Carbide Blade Guide
Powered Wire Brush
Saw blade
2 HP ( KW)
Vise Roller
1/4 HP (0.18 KW)
1/4 HP (0.18 KW)
1/8 HP (0.1 KW)
Hydraulic oil
Power roller vise
480 kg
580 kg
Floor Space
1820 x 900 x 1040 mm

SH-250R Machine Features
Machine Structure:
Oversized hydraulic cylinder supports the rugged saw frame with heavy-duty universal ball joint accomplishing smooth & consistent down feed through the entire cutting cycle.  Special wear resistant DU bushing works inside the precision bore solid cast hinge and ground pivot shaft to ensure durability and long useful life.
Blade Drive:
The gearbox is specially designed to accept high lateral pressure. the Cosen design accepts more pressure during operation and will not create thermal distortion, providing long gearbox life under production conditions.
Step variable blade speed
Blade Guidance & Lubrication System:
Carbide blade guides with roller bearings pre-align the blade before entering carbide blade guides. This feature reduces wear on blade guides and blade, thus enhancing blade life.
The rigid guide arms are mounted on an extra wide dovetail slide for more solid and supportive surface. It also allows easy adjustment of guide arms.
One roller supports the blade from the top, giving it extra penetrating force. The carbide guides are relieved to allow coolant flow to lubricate and cool the blade as well as work piece.
Integral coolant system.
Adjustable  powered wire brush effectively removes chips from blade gullet.
Control & Automation:
The feed rate may be adjusted by setting the dial between 0 and 10. It allows adjustment feed rate according to the varying material types, which results in longer blade life, shorter cutting times, and better finishes.
A work height selector is located over the hydraulic cylinder and is used to adjust the blade to minimum clearance height over the work.
The control panel is clearly arranged and conveniently located on front of the machine, eliminating the need for the operator to reach over a moving blade. 
Out-of-stock switch
“Save-a-Blade.” At the end of a cut, when the blade is at its lowest position, the stock automatically backs off from the blade slightly to allow the blade to clear the work on its return to the starting position. This special “Save-a-Blade” feature prevents tooth deformities by eliminating this undesirable abrasion.
Preset piece counter with automatic power off
Interlock design in electrical and hydraulic system prevents the saw from accidental start
Conduits protect all exposed electric wiring and hydraulic circuits.  All access doors and blade guards are painted alert orange for increased safety awareness.
Standard Accessories:
Adjustable material stop
Additional flushing hose for cleaning
Bi-metal saw blade
Tool Box with tools, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush
Operation & parts manual

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